Little video i made

me trying to make a statement.. i am just a girl.. i see the world like no one else.. however im the selfish one. i do not see how anyone can with live the thought of a child starving. or for that matter no clean water. maybe if we were not so concerned on what clothes to buy or what things to own we could possibly make the world better. by standing by the poor and trying to relate to them because that is something the world lacks at doing. often people get so caught up in their life they do not see how blessed they truly are.. happiness isnt a new car or the newest phone thats came out.. how much money you are carrying in your pocket. happiness is your family and making someone smile. i would know because i havnt had 200 dollars to my name in the past year. if you really want to achieve something i think the best thing to achieve is humbleness and no tolerance for violence or destruction and most of all hunger. not what house you can buy to show off but perhaps what you can do yourself as a person to change the world.  i say we should get rid of money completely.. however thats jus me. i hope you enjoy and i hope it opens some eyes.


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