Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

i enjoyed watching this.. cheating is something i take very serious.. i have never cheated and if i have ever been cheated on i am not aware.. however i simply do not see how anyone could cheat.. i know i couldnt.. only because when i love someone i value them very much and try my best to be a good lover. doing what i can to see them smile or doing something perhaps they arnt wanting to do for them. i dont know i think love is a beautiful thing it is saddens me when i come across men who cheat on their woman.. it just isnt right to me. i dont see how they can do it. thats why i find it hard being ok to be in a relationship with any man because it seems none of them are faithful these days. so people may think i am a little promiscuous however i couldnt care less to have sex. enjoy though.. i do. i do enjoy sex.. its more about the emotional bond then anything to me however. and creating things with my loved one.. whether it be music or art creating memories.. people often misjudge me as a person because i am the girl who is a little strange and perhaps see me for not exactly what i am.. however i do not let these incorrect judgments get the best of me.. because most likely if someone hates me.. its because i want them to. they have showed nothing but unworthiness to me. and if them hating me can help them so be it. i really just would like to help whoever i can.. and not for me.. but whoever is needing help. thats me. surprisingly.. i really just would like to help people.. however given my appearances and with the way the world perceives things people may judge me on that or if i say i cuss word here or there. no. appearance really has nothing to do with anyone.. or the way they speak.. it is what they do as a person to make the world a little better in my opinion.


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