are you SANE or INSANE? here’s your test.

people in straightjackets are amazingly smart man. the way they can make a sentence so complex but yet so right to the point of meaning. it throws the uncrazy off.. but the crazy understand while a normal person has to back track. therefor i must be insane because i understand the working of the thought process of these peoples minds and how they jump from one scenery to another. you have to look outside the mind to understand the inner workings and its truly amazing how much you can explain in a simple sentence when your brain is expanded to beyond a sense of normal folk understanding. the insane just speak in a different language. its English but its backwards to normal people. because when someone hears a crazy person speak its like they didnt say anything at all because they are trying to process what they just said. its pretty amazing. therefor its like a blank mind-set as to what? the uncrazy are at the beginning while the insane go from the end to the beginning. but not. its a little road you venture on and understand more as they explain but you must listen closely. perhaps why people have such a hard time understanding scripture. it was a different time and also it isnt insane talk. it was expanded mind talk. for a normal person to try to understand a insane person is like a person trying to understand a dog’s bark. it isnt going to happen. and it isnt all make believe or what have you. these people are stating truly amazing things but sense they are not understood by the normal they lack the knowledge of what was said to them because it became the beginning because the workings of their brain is extended to the end bringing it to the front. however it is all reversed to the normal. the normal only know A to B. while a insane person knows A to C. and their language is B to C to A. therefor it is left to the beginning for the person who only understands A to B. leaving them in a blank. ‘insane’ and ‘sane’ therefor truly the insane are sane and the sane are insane because the sane only understand A to B making them insane. while a SANE ‘insane’ understand B to C to A. truly intelligent are the ‘insane’ however they are truly sane. therefor i am truly sane. so therefor everyone who is seen insane in this country are truly sane because everyone in this country is insane because they believe they are sane. however they are insane; seeing the sane insane. its complicated. if you understood what i just wrote consider yourself truly SANE. if not.. do some deep thinking. meditate.. do something. love, Hannah.


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