Crop Circles Quest for Truth

I have yet to watch this.. but i plan to soon.. jus sharing cause i didnt want to forget to watch it lol.. anyway. i strongly believe crop circles are aliens. plus its more fun and i think intelligent to believe so. anyway to each their own.

2 thoughts on “Crop Circles Quest for Truth

  1. Thank You for following. I find it strange that somebody must always lead. Crop Circles are an interesting topic. I see you believe they are of Alien origin. What if they were the representation of the totality of human consciousness on this planet. The Totality of human consciousness is simply having a discussion with its self and other life forms and crop circles are the language we use in consciousness. As we develop a relationship with humanity and these other life forms we connect with the greater source of all of creation. Thus, ending our time of separation from the source. We can now live in harmony with all of creation and creation with us. Our true destiny! Enjoy your Great I AM.

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